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Play Therapy For Reaching Age-Appropriate Milestones

Pediatric occupational therapy, physical therapy and a kiddo’s natural desire to play go together like peanut butter and jelly. Accordingly, our therapists are fun and incorporate play and exercise into everyday life activities helping patients achieve independence with daily activities, play and learning activities. Play, after all, is a kiddos job of sorts!

At Square Peg Therapies, our main objective is meeting the needs of our kiddos in a manner and approach that best enables them to reach age-appropriate, functional goals and milestones. We fully understand and take advantage of a kiddos’ unique natural desire for play to accelerate their means of learning, development, interacting, and growth. 

Play Therapy, More Than Meets The Eye

Our sessions can look a lot like we’re just having a great “playtime”. Our therapists never hesitate getting down on the floor to your kiddos level, to play and engage with your child in activities that build the trust necessary for a great therapeutic relationship. Simple activities together like pushing them on a swing or creating a fun “obstacle course” with couch cushions are the norm. There is however, a lot more going on than meets the eye! Our therapists are challenging and monitoring your kiddo’s sensory system, fine and gross motor skills, balance, visual-motor coordination, and self-regulation, all while laughing and playing!

Fostering Purposeful Play 

Our approach is hands-on and individualized for kiddos with motor delays. We utilize relaxed and fun, unrushed sessions that are focused on helping parents to understand their kiddo’s level of development, while implementing therapeutic play to deepen connections with their kiddo. Play therapy is so instrumental in increasing self-expression, self-regulation, self-awareness and self-efficiency in young children. Play minimizes a child’s stress levels while enhancing their connections to others and boosting self-confidence in all areas of life. 

Signs Your Kiddo Could Benefit From Play Therapy

There are a few indicators to look for that could be a sign your kiddo could benefit from pediatric therapy. One being that your young one has difficulty performing simple, daily life functions like brushing teeth, feeding, and dressing. Experiencing struggles in school like struggling to learn new subject matter or a strong lack of focus, could be another indicator. Many kiddos experience having a challenging time calming themselves, again this could be a sign that therapy could help. 

More obvious signs of struggles are having difficulty with balance and coordination(gross motor skills). These type struggles are however, much more easily identified early. Another indicator is if your kiddo frequently appears to not use both hands simultaneously while playing, this could indicate fine motor skills issues.

Early Intervention Is Key

Every kiddo is unique and has unique characteristics that are different in how they develop. This being said, there are certain age-appropriate milestones that should be reached by a specific age. Early intervention is key if your child is missing any of these milestones, pediatric therapy can be a helpful tool in their development. It’s important to notice and take immediate action if you notice your child isn’t reaching the average milestone for their age. If you do, know that you and your kiddo are not alone! Square Peg Therapies takes great pride and feels a sense of duty to help kiddos live their best life!

Let’s Work Together

If you’re in the Denver Metro area or surrounding communities and are looking for support with your kiddo’s development, we can work together to meet your goals! Maybe you’re having behavioral concerns about your kiddo or they have experienced a major life change? ​Square Peg Therapies can help! Our therapists can help your child see their challenges very quickly and teach them techniques and skills to process these issues. Our focus is to decrease symptoms and behaviors that are getting in the way of their joy. Reach out today and find the perfect fit for your child, at Square Peg Therapies!