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The secret to raising kind kids, according to science, is to talk about feelings more. Assisting our children in comprehending their emotions enables them to discern the emotions of others and guides their decision-making in order to support and show greater generosity to their friends. When we offer someone a helping hand, we are investing a small part of ourselves into that person. Kindness is a quality that really matters and even young children can learn it over time and through practice. However, be patient with your kiddo as kindness and compassion are learned and life presents challenging situations even to adults. Just being a loving parent and a great role model will go a long way toward raising a wonderful, tolerant human being.

Kindness is About Seeing and Understanding With Your Heart

Grades and artistic/athletic achievements are important, but most of us would agree that raising compassionate children is more important. If we drive our children to “enrichment activities” and spend our days memorizing math facts, it raises the question of what we prioritize most and why. Kindness is about seeing and understanding with your heart. For your young kiddo, this might mean patting the back of a troubled friend, waving to a neighbor, or breaking a candy in half to share with a younger brother. It’s important to help nurture kindness in your children from a young age and cultivating compassion in your family is entirely possible. If you notice your child’s ability to be caring or kind is hampered by their ability to communicate, we can help! 

Lacking Self-Awareness and Emotional Skills

The development of young children’s speech, language, and communication skills is essential to their general development. Being able to speak clearly and process speech sounds, to understand others, to express ideas and interact with others are fundamental building blocks for a child’s development. Some kiddos begin to boss other kids around, say hurtful things, exclude peers, and act in other unkind ways, because they don’t have the self-awareness or skills to deal with their emotions effectively. These kids are having a difficult time understanding their feelings and are struggling with uncomfortable, complex emotions of insecurity/self-doubt and anxiety.

It Starts at Home, Setting the Correct Tone

Kiddos start to recognize their value in themselves based on how they are treated. Whether it’s directed at your spouse, your children, or yourself, the language and tone you use at home sets an emotional soundtrack for them. The earlier that we can start to help our children understand their emotions, the better the outcome in raising kind, empathetic children. In addition to your kid’s teachers, you as a parent are crucial in helping your child develop the social and emotional foundations that will enable them to build good relationships. 

Sorting Your Child’s Social and Emotional Temperament, We Can Help!

It’s critical that the people in your kiddo’s life establish clear guidelines and serve as strong role models. Feeling overwhelmed and need help sorting your child’s social and emotional temperament? Square Peg Therapies provides in-home speech-language evaluations and therapy for children with speech, language, and social communication differences. Our therapists evaluate and treat developmental and communication disorders of all children across the Denver Metro and surrounding communities. Reach out today!