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Family First Stance

Our therapists always start by meeting with the family from the first visit in order to determine the best course of therapy. This also helps set the expectation that parents are an important part of the process. When families face challenges that cause stress like pediatric therapeutic care, their health and wellness can be negatively impacted. At Square Peg Therapies, we take a family-first stance from the first interaction. To us, getting families involved is an essential and important part of our process. After all, no one knows your kiddo better than you!

Information For Motivation

Family members provide the most valuable insight! Parents share information with our therapists about their kiddo’s personality and preferences that can be used for motivation. This also helps our therapist to understand how the kiddo responds in frustrating situations and how they manage challenging behaviors at home.

Whole Family Quality of Life

A child’s health and well-being can really blossom when their family is safe, healthy, and financially stable. By engaging families as active participants in problem-solving and goal-setting, we help them identify and use their own strengths to address the challenges their child faces. 

By providing family training and engagement, we also ensure carryover of newly developed skills. Our mission is to provide personalized and comprehensive therapies that fit. We are committed to meaningful, research-based outcomes that help each child reach their full and amazing potential utilizing innovative interventions and tailored technology.

Parent-Implemented Intervention

Our therapists teach parents proven strategies that they can use whenever they are with their kiddo. By doing so, therapy becomes a natural part of the family’s interactions with their child. This is known as “parent-implemented intervention.” Using “parent-implemented intervention”, we work with the parent to find activities that the child enjoys and brainstorm solutions to existing problems. Early intervention is very important and necessary in some cases. 

Square Peg Therapies Can Help

We extend a warm welcome to you, your family and friends! Our expert pediatric therapists evaluate and treat developmental and communication disorders of all children across the Denver Metro and surrounding communities, contact us today and let’s begin reinforcing and progressing your kiddos language and developmental skills!