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What Is Working Memory

Working Memory gives us the ability to process short-term memories and short-term memory recall, allowing us to use past learning and to process new information. Kiddos use this very early when learning numbers, colors, friend’s names, facts and so on. To use working memory appropriately, a few attributes or executive functioning skills are needed. These are attention, focus, auditory memory and visual-spatial memory. 

All of these executive skills for proper function combine to form working memory. Working memory is used to solve problems, pay attention, plan and organize, start and finish, solve problems on their own, control emotions and more. Let’s explore some different ways to address improving these functions.

Advancing Working Memory In Kiddos

Very often, Kiddos who struggle with executive functioning skills, also have working memory challenges. Playing card games or completing puzzles is an effective method for advancing working memory in kiddos. By incorporating techniques like these in your playtime, you can create a foundation for your kiddo that unlocks the potential for them to learn through play. Memory is the cognitive ability to acquire, retain, and recall information and is one of many skills developed during early childhood. We often think of memory in the short term and long term.

Another exercise for improving memory recall in kiddos is simply having them organize or put things in the sequence that they go. These can be images that go in sequence, objects organized by shape, or things of like colors. You get the picture and you can target this activity to meet the individual needs of your kiddo. Maybe select a particular number of objects or items and challenge them to recall as many of the objects involved. Further challenge your kiddo to now arrange the objects from smallest to largest.

Square Peg Therapies Can Help

Our speech language pathologists(SLP) create custom treatment plans that are completely unique to each kiddos individual needs. Our therapists can also make suggestions to help children compensate for working memory deficiencies by using tools such as building routines, note-taking, and engaging the other senses. Speech therapy can help to stimulate parts of the brain to aid in improving information retention as well as improving speech.

Kiddos who struggle with working memory are often seen as not paying attention or displaying bad behavior. Speech therapy to improve their working memory can help tremendously in improving behavior as well as speech and language skills. This in turn can lead to better performance in school. Contact us today and connect with one of our trained SLP’s  to learn more about improving your kiddos working memory!