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Empowering Young Voices

The journey of helping a child with speech or language delays can be overwhelming for parents to say the least. Speech Therapy with Square Peg Therapies offers a clear and incisive roadmap to navigate the speech therapy process for better verbal communication. Our speech-language pathologists (SLP’s) at Square Peg evaluate and treat infants, children and adolescents with speech, language and swallowing problems.

Pediatric Voice Disorders

Pediatric voice disorders can manifest in various ways including hoarseness, breathiness, vocal strain, or pitch abnormalities. Some common causes include vocal nodules, vocal cord weakness or paralysis, vocal cord cysts, and laryngitis. These conditions can arise from vocal misuse, infections, structural abnormalities, neurological issues, or even psychological factors. 

Necessary Communication Skills

Verbal communication skills not only enable kiddos to express themselves effectively, but also empower them to engage in meaningful conversations, build relationships, and succeed academically. Square Peg Therapies can help kiddos develop the necessary skills to communicate effectively and confidently.


Our SLP’s use individualized treatment plans that are designed and tailored based on the kiddo’s age, severity of the disorder, and individual needs. We try to engage in motivating therapeutic activities that can make the progress more enjoyable for the child. We utilize evidence-based voice therapy techniques to help children improve breath control, vocal technique, and overall vocal quality.

Family Training

We also recognize the importance families play in the therapeutic process and provide family training to ensure carryover of newly developed skills for each child. We empower the parents to become active participants in their child’s speech therapy journey! Let’s start your kiddos and your journey today! Pediatric voice disorders can present significant challenges, but with the right support and training, kiddos can find their voice and regain their confidence. Parents play a pivotal role in first identifying, seeking treatment, and then supporting their kiddo throughout the disorder recovery process. 

Speech Therapy with Square Peg Therapies

Speech therapy is a lifeline for children with communication disorders, offering them the opportunity to overcome speech challenges and begin to connect more with the world around them. Our skilled and caring SLP’s help empower kiddos to unleash their true potential, express themselves confidently, and participate more actively in social interactions. We allow struggling children to not just improve, but to thrive and communicate their brilliance to the world!