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We extend a warm welcome to you, your family and friends. 

We value a child’s ability to participate in meaningful activities with family and friends within the home, community and academic setting. We pride ourselves on meeting each child where he or she is and doing so in a supportive and fun manner. We offer speech, occupational and physical therapy as well as skilled nursing.

We also recognize the importance families play in the therapeutic process and provide family training to ensure carryover of newly developed skills for each child. Our mission is to provide personalized and comprehensive therapies that fit.

We are committed to meaningful, research-based outcomes that help each child reach their full and amazing potential utilizing innovative interventions and tailored technology. We provide a vast number of tools that will equip your child to reach their full potential. Therapy can be the perfect place to start getting your child the help and resources they need.

At Square Peg, it is our goal to utilize meaningful and research-based processes to provide a specific and comprehensive therapy that is the best fit for your child. We never want to make a square peg confined to a circular hole, but we do want to provide tools to adapt that opening to allow the opportunity for change.

Speech Therapy

The assessment & treatment of communication problems & speech disorders.

Occupational Therapy

Treatment that works to improve fine & gross motor skills & motor planning.

Physical Therapy

Care that aims to ease pain & help you function, move, & live better.

Let's find the perfect fit together.

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Family First Stance

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